About Us

About Us

Dolphin Education is India’s fastest growing education with over 175 colleges above.  Dolphin Education is a place that connects education seeker with education provider. Dolphin Education provides information for over 2000 colleges, courses and admission notifications.

Dolphin Education has a team of counselors on staff and works with education agents across the globe to assist students to find the right college and course. Our counselors are experienced and assist students in decision making process. Every member of the team is highly qualified professional working in his own field and capable of managing the events of admissions at National & International Levels. They are also capable of thinking ahead and giving shapes to the futuristic careers of students.

Dolphin Education recognizes that counseling professionals have varied responsibilities, work in different settings, and serve student populations as diverse as our professional community. As such we are dedicated to providing you with a wide range of resources to enhance your core skills and knowledge of the college admission landscape. All the Best for Future!

What we offer

Dolphin Education is a one-stop platform which answers your What, Where, Why & How’s of all your career related questions. If you have any questions or doubt regarding any aspect of your career, just ask your question. It’s an integrated solution to provide instant, accessible, flexible and affordable career guidance and planning for you:

  1. Career Guidance : Ask your questions and get on-demand Instant expert backed career advice to all your career queries.
  2. College Planning : Plan your entire college studies (UG/PG) with the help of our unbiased career counselling service.
  3. Study Abroad : Our Study Abroad Counselors can help you plan out your overseas study, where to study and how to go about it.
  4. Career Explorations : Our knowledge-base of over 115000 question answered by renowned career counselor can become a very useful exploration tool for you.

Why choose us

College admissions are tough. We make things easier ! Feel free to ask questions here to make the right decision.

We have over 1 lakh above users each month who make the site a vibrant and engaging destination.

Connecting with students is why we are here! We are improving experience of our users by providing them tools to make the right decision.